Viaspeedcam camera system

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Company-internal speed monitoring

Viaspeedcam refers to a mobile device for monitoring speed within a company. Exceeding the permitted speed limit triggers a camera located within the device that stores information like time and speed as a data record. These data records can be accessed via a network or sent by e-mail to security personnel or the staff at the gate.

A viaspeedcam can be coupled with a viasis speed display or operated independently with its own battery and radar detector.

  • Video monitoring
  • USB port
  • E-mail communication
  • Data storage

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  • For mobile use
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Control panel to set parameters on site
  • Can be combined with viasis devices
  • Powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery
  • For mobile use
  • Interfaces (USB, WiFi, LAN)
  • Image transmission via e-mail
  • Control panel to set measurement parameters on site