Mobile speed indicator signs: viasis PLUS

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Road Safety and Speed Awareness

The viasis VARIO mobile speed indicator signs allows the display of the measured speed as real. Create your own LED text and graphics. Thanks to the provided LED editor, you can change the message or icon on site. 

Including data collection, variable LED colors, speed limit and Smile function.

  • Lightweight housing
  • Data recording
  • LED editor
  • Smile function

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  • Lightweight and compact aluminum casing
  • Dimensions : 63,4 x 84,4 x 18,2 cm / 25" x 33,2" x 7,2" (W x H x D)


  • 3-digit high performance LED display with automatic adaption of brightness (digit height 32,5 cm / 12,8")
  • Specially designed protection mask for excellent visibility even under strong sunlight
  • LED color change if speed limit is exceeded
  • Shows the speed limit sign or alternating between driven speed and speed limit sign
  • Smile function


  • Adjustable parameters for min. and max. displayed speed, LED color change, blinking display
  • Different parameter settings depending on time and day (5 parameter sets)
  • Timer and automatic daylight saving time
  • Battery level indicator
  • Bluetooth communication with viagraph 5 (PC) or App (Android)


  • Extended speed range 1 - 199 kmh / mph and decimal point 1,0 - 19,9 kmh / mph
  • Bidirectional measurement adjustable
  • Data storage in a ring buffer (exact to the second)


  • USB interface for data download, changing parameters or firmware update by USB flash drive
  • Manual parameter setting by rotary switch
  • Automatic data transfer by email + GPS location