Mobile speed indicator sign: IVicom-M

  • 2-year guarantee
  • Maintenance contract

Road Safety and Speed Awareness

The movable dynamic speed display called IVICOM-M allows to raise the speed awareness by reducing speeding and drawing attention to the authorized speed limits. Excessive speed is displayed in red and speed below the limit in amber.

Different warning messages of 1 or 2 lines can be programmed according to the speed range of the approaching vehicle: SLOW DOWN, CAUTION CHILDREN, DRIVE SLOWLY…

  • IVICOM-M: the « ALL-IN-ONE » radar speed sign
  • Easy to operate
  • Custom messages
  • Reliable
  • Intelligent: data collection system

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  • Significant speed reduction: strong psychological impact towards motorists.
  • Brilliant visibility from long distance : big size of figures and letters
  • Speed Awareness : red display and warning triangle sign XA14 (anti-record function) when drivers don’t respect the speed limit


  • Real-time display (+- 1km/h) to draw attention to the authorized speed limits
  • Record traffic statistics (number of vehicles, passing times, average and maximum speeds…) for both traffic directions


  • Lightweight casing: quick and easy installation, deployment and transportation by a single operator
  • Interchangeable speed limit directly on the radar with an adjuster (no computer required for immediate set-up)
  • Collects, analyses and generates graphs/reports of traffic statistics


  • Long lasting materials: polycarbonate face, ABS casing…
  • Optional antitheft device


  • Dimensions : 600 (width) x 870 (height) x 140 (depth)
  • Weight : 6kg without batteries
  • Materials : polycarbonate face, ABS casing and stainless steel
  • Water resistant to IP65
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatments
  • Red and white border with the front message « Your Speed »
  • Antitheft device


  • 32.4 cm high speed digits
  • Large text template : 16 cm high letter for 1 line and 7 cm high letter for 2 lines
  • Warning triangle sign XA14 as an anti-record function
  • Stealth mode : collect traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists
  • Two-coloured display : excessive speed in red, speed below the limit in amber
  • High quality OSRAM leds
  • Ambient light sensor and automatic brightness adjustment

Doppler® radar

  • Records speeds for both traffic directions
  • Stealth mode : collect baseline traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists
  • Pick up distance : up to 200 meters
  • High precision : +/- 1 km/h
  • Speed range : from 4 to 200 km/h

Public lightning system

  • Connection to the public lighting system : loading batteries at night (when public lighting is active during at least 5 hours a night)

Solar panel

  • Solar panel : 100 Watts
  • Size : 1200*550*35 mm



Batteries and external charger

  • Two 18Ah rechargeable batteries + charger
  • Battery autonomy : from 3 to 5 days according to the number of vehicles
  • Easy connection directly on the display via a secured trapdoor


  • Grid connection
  • Water resistant to IP67 connector


  • Ready-to-use : interchangeable speed limit directly on the radar with an adjuster (no computer required for immediate set-up)
  • Several customised information via the software : Speed ranges, colour, interactive messages
  • Detailed user manual


  • Three communication options : USB stick, bluetooth system, GPRS modem
  • Collects, analyses and automatically generates graphs/reports of traffic statistics
  • Export data to CVS and Excel file.

Reporting parameters

  • Dual direction traffic statistics (charts and tables)
  • Average Vehicle Count
  • Total Vehicle Count
  • Average Speed
  • Average Number of Speed Violations
  • Total Number of Speed Violations