Dynamic sign reinforced with leds

  • 2-year guarantee
  • Maintenance contract

Dynamic sign reinforced with leds to protect vulnerable road users

Such signs reinforced with leds have been created to draw drivers’ attention and make them slow down when approaching sensitive zones. Thanks to the leds around the conventional sign and the two flashing red lights, the psychological impact is strong and the speed reduction is significant.

  • Strong impact
  • Personalization
  • Ready-to-use
  • Economical

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Strong impact

  • Maintain road safety for vulnerable road users near sensitive zones.
  • Such a pack announces a potential danger on roads (schools, public areas, pedestrian crossing…)
  • Strong visual and psychological impact : significant speed reduction
  • Brilliant visibility from long-distance : big size, conventional sign reinforced with LEDs, two red flashing lights…


  • Suitable for any type of situations : choice of the conventional + choice of the associated text: SLOW DOWN, CAUTION CHILDREN, DRIVE SLOWLY…


  • Easy to install
  • Public lighting system, mains, solar panel
  • Clamping rings


  • Dimensions : 900(width) x 900 (height) x 92 (depth)
  • Weight : 23 Kg
  • Materials : anodized aluminium frame, polycarbonate face
  • Water resistant to IP54


  • Conventional sign: 700 mm
  • Text message : two-line text (120mm high)
  • Reinforced with LEDs : two flashing red lights (110mm diameter) and LEDs around the conventional sign


  • Doppler® radar for detection
  • Timer
  • Push button for pedestrians


  • Grid connection
  • Water resistant to IP67 connector

Public lightning system

  • PUBLIC LIGHTING SYSTEM Connection to the public lighting system : loading batteries at night (when public lighting is active during at least 5 hours a night)

Solar energy

  • Solar panel : 50 Watts
  • Two 18Ah batteries

Detecting radar

  • Doppler® radar for detection

Weekly timer

  • Automatic lighting according to special time ranges (5)

Annual timer

  • Automatic lighting according to special time ranges (100)


  • Push button by pedestrians to turn on LEDs