Protecting drivers and vulnerable road users

School zones, bicycles paths, sport complexes, specific speed limit zones, long straight lines, industrial estates… are sensitive places where safety is absolutely necessary because of the growing number of vulnerable road users, especially during rush hours. Appropriate products and displays can be used to reduce dangerous behaviours and traffic accidents.

IVICOM has developed specific products for road safety

Making schools more visible to motorists

It is absolutely necessary to announce to drivers they are approaching school zones where parents and children sometimes have unpredictable behaviours near roads.


Several products are designed to draw drivers’ attention and make them reduce their speed when approaching sensitive zones like schools or zebra crossings.


The aim is to bring safety when people are near roads and cars during rush hours or during field trips.

The School Safety Kit includes 2 dynamic signs reinforced with flashing leds, 2 children silhouettes and 60 reflective yellow safety vests.