Mobile speed indicator signs: viasis BASIC / viasis BASIC D

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Road Safety and Speed Awareness

The viasis BASIC and viasis BASIC D mobile speed indicator signs are ideal for mobile use in urban areas. They allow the speed measured in real time to be displayed in yellow.

The viasis BASIC D mobile speed indicator signs offers two additional features: data recording and red colour change if the maximum authorised speed is exceeded.

  • Lightweight housing
  • Exact speed measurements
  • Powerful LED Showing

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  • Lightweight and compact aluminium housing (weight 6.5kg)
  • Dimensions : 56 x 41 x 19 cm / 22" x 16,1" x 7,5" (W x H x D)
  • 2 digit high-power LED number characters, light adaptation according to external light (display height 23cm)
  • LED with hole mask for outstanding visibility, even in sunlight
  • Battery voltage indication

Additional features of the BASIC D viasis:

  • Setting of yellow or red min/max display and flashing mode option when speed is exceeded
  • LED with color change in case of excess speed
  • Unit data recording per minute
  • Communication by cable (Bluetooth optional)
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